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Pandualism: A Better Paradigm for the 21st Century

Two different population pyramids (age structure) for Pakistan of the same year 2005:
Population, Fertility and Family Planning in Pakistan: A Program in Stagnation, October 2008, PAI
U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base  (Dec 8, 2008)



Sometimes the wrong is more instructive than the right!

Simple experiment refuting a main premise of modern physics, namely the hypothesis that electric fields propagate at the same speed as electromagnetic transversal radiation (July 2007):

General overview
Rebuttal of counterarguments
Pictures and oscilloscope screen shots

The following hasn't been updated for a long time, so many links don't work anymore:

Verteidigung meiner Ideen in deutschsprachigen Diskussionsforen

Alles nur ein Irrtum?
Das Denkproblem in der HIV-Wissenschaft
Nicht-infektiöses HIV ist pathogen
Verteidigung der HIV-AIDS-Kritik
Zur Frage der HIV-Existenz: Kritik an AIDS-Kritikern
. . . *** . . .
Introduction by Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993
Interview with Peter Duesberg
The Presentations at the HIV Symposium at AAAS Conference
AIDS and Africa: A Case of Racism Vs Science?
The Brainwashing of AIDS
Inventing the AIDS Virus
Duesberg and the Right of Reply According to Maddox-Nature . . . *** . . .
Non-Infectious HIV is Pathogenic
Side effect of anti-HIV drugs
My postings on AIDS . . . *** . . .

Was steckt hinter den neuen UN-Zahlen zur Weltbevölkerungsentwicklung?
Bevölkerungspolitik und die Unantastbarkeit menschlichen Lebens

Population Policy: Ideology as Science
LATIN AMERICA: Total fertility rate
Too many people? Not by a long shot
The UN 1996 Population Projection
World Population Prospects
The Demographic Saturation Theory . . . *** . . .

Das Dogma der individuellen Selektion
McDougall's Lamarckian Experiment on Training of Rats
Evolution by means of organisms' interpretation
An evolution theory based on reincarnation
Charles Darwin - The Truth?
Neo-Darwinism: The Current Paradigm
Evolution, Randomness, Hashkafa
The Origin of Life and The Suppression of Truth
Relevant extracts of my posts of August on evolution . . . *** *** *** . . .

The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs
. . . *** . . .

Online papers on Panpsychism
The Psychon Theory

Die Physik in der Sackgasse?
Elektromagnetische Induktion ohne Magnetfeld

Tempo relativo e simultaneità assoluta
The idea of Stasis
Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold (Mpemba effect)
Spaceship paradox refuting Special Relativity
Simple black hole paradox refuting General Relativity
Why SR does not explain Michelson and Morley's experiment
The Tangled Methods of Quantum Entanglement Experiments
The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say . . . *** . . .
What the Global Positioning System Tells Us about Relativity
My postings to sci.physics.relativity . . . *** . . .

Holocaust und Reinkarnation
Die Wiedergeburt
Yonassan Gershom on Reincarnation and the Holocaust
Reincarnation and Demography
Reincarnation of rats . . . *** . . .
An evolution theory based on reincarnation

Artikel zu Wirtschaftsfragen aus 'Neue Solidarität'
Proposal of an International Calendar (internet time)

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